To receive funding, there must be a philosophical alignment between Whanau Ora and what you are proposing to deliver. Te Pūtahitanga O Te Waipounamu has utilised whānau voice to develop a way to identify if we are being helpful and creating opportunities for whānau success.

The Whānau Ora Outcomes Framework provides the central foundation by which all whānau aspirations can be measured.

POU TAHI: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are self-managing

POU RUA: Whānau in Te Waipounamu living healthy lifestyles

POU TORU: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are participating fully in society

POU WHA: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are confidently participating in Te Ao Māori

POU RIMA: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are economically secure and successfully involved in wealth creation

POU ONO: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are cohesive, resilient and nurturing

POU WHITU: Whānau in Te Waipounamu are responsible stewards of their living and natural environments.


Get ready to apply

  • Check your initiative idea is a good match for whānau funding priorities: About our Funding

  • Scope the project.

  • Create your budget.

Checklist for a good application

Be realistic about your needs and the costs for which you are seeking funds. If you are successful, we will attempt to make a fair contribution to your project.

Successful applications will have:

  • an expenditure budget

  • realistic costs with a complete overview of finances,

  • information on any other income streams, identify all other resources of income
    (including any other funders)


Important details in your project description

For each application we need to know:

What you want to do

Who will be involved

When it will happen

What the outcomes will be – these are the outcomes we’ll ask you to report back on once the project is completed.

As part of your application you will need to attach supporting documents to your online form, eg  , letters of support etc.

After you’ve applied

After you submit your application you will be notified by email to acknowledge that it has been received for consideration. All applicants will be notified in writing after the decision making process to let you know if the application has been approved.

For more information on decisions see:  How Funding Decisions Are Made 

The next phase of the application process

Once an application is approved a dedicated Contract Advisor will work with you and will go through the next phase:

  • Due diligence process
  • Agreement negotiation
  • Charitable Status
  • Funding Agreement process

Prior to the funding agreement being accepted there may be conditions that need to be met. One of the conditions of receiving Te Putahitanga funding is that you acknowledge Te Putahitanga support so the Crown can see how money has been used.

You will also be asked to submit an accountability report on the initiatives outcomes every three months from the date you receive funding and we keep in touch throughout your journey and can offer some support when needed.

More information

Phone a contract advisor on 0800 187 689 or email