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Your Innovation

Your Innovation


Your Innovation

Your Innovation


Te Pūtahitanga invests in people working to build thriving whānau. There a lots of ways to do this. Some people are creating sustainable financial livelihoods; some are enhancing hauora, strengthening cultural pride, inspiring people to follow their own path or solving complex social issues that affect us.  Our challenge to whānau, entrepreneurs and rōpū is to be bold and innovative in creating your ideas for building thriving whānau.


Te Pūtahitanga is a uniquely by Māori for Māori social impact and kaupapa Māori investor: we invest in things that create positive change.  We see our role as growing and backing Māori social entrepreneurs: people who are finding solutions to some of the complex issues affecting our whānau.  We believe that in our whānau and communities, there are people with powerful ideas to create the type of change our whānau want.  We want to back those people who are striving to create change and build a better world.

Some of the Māori social entrepreneurs we are inspired by are:

So, how do you know if your idea fits what we want to invest in? There’s more detail in our FAQ’s section, but the short version is if your idea makes the world better in some real way for whānau, we’re probably interested.

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Our Backing

Our Backing

Our Backing

Our Backing

Our dream is to make yours happen. we’ve got financial and practical support to back you to achieve all that you aspire to. 

We provide a mix of financial investment, coaching, access to professional advisors, mentors and whānau support to help your dreams get wings.

We invest at all stages of the life-cycle:

  • Brand new—when your idea is fresh, new and not particularly well developed, we’ll roll up our sleeves to help you refine your idea and get going.
  • New kaupapa, established organisation—if you are an existing organisation wanting to start a new project or initiative, we’ll find any targeted support you need to fly.
  • Taking over the world—if you have a proven idea that you want to expand, we’ll help you build networks and access any other support you need.

We don’t have any minimum or maximum investment limits, but the range of our initial investments is likely to be $10,000-$500,000.

Our reason for existing is to back people who are brave enough to follow their own path, live their dreams and build thriving whānau and communities. To us, backing people means fueling them financially and with practical support. The mix of support we provide includes:

Start-up Development


We help whānau (businesses and non-profits) to successfully navigate the start-up phase. With our team of professional advisors, we help answer the hard questions: Who do I need in my team? How do I find them? What legal structure should I use? How do I develop a successful model? We’ll help you accelerate finding your feet and succeeding.



Each whānau we work with will have an enterprise coach who will roll up their sleeves to make sure new organisations get the help they need to fly and avoid the minefields along the road.



We have a network of mentors from diverse backgrounds, spanning business, social change, community development and cultural revitalisation. Our mentors help the whānau we invest in navigate big challenges and make key connections.

Co-Working Space


We offer a co-working space in Christchurch, an 'incubator hub' Our co-working space brings together passionate people who share a vision of thriving whānau to create a whānau environment to succeed and laugh in. We also run practical clinics and networking events at our co-working space.

Whānau whānui


All the organisations we invest in join a dynamic network of like-minded change agents, who provide each other with whānau support, advice, connections and inspiration.

Investment and Fundraising


We invest directly in innovative ideas. We also have a growing set of partnerships with government, private and philanthropic sectors to access further and future investment.


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