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Successful Initiatives


Successful Initiatives

Te Pūtahitanga o te waipounamu

Te Pūtahitanga represents the convergence of the rivers of Te Waipounamu, bringing a current of change realised through Whānau Ora.

Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu wishes to congratulate the following entities as their ORA applications have been recommended for funding:


Commission activities, Announced 22nd February 2016

Ngai Tahu Maori Law Centre

Hoki ki te Kainga


This initiative is based on a request by whānau to assist them in regards to their whenua. The whānau want to utilise their whenua in such a way that allows them to reconnect not only to the land upon which their tupuna walked but also to each other, their hapu and iwi.

Te Kaihinaki Consultancy Ltd

Te Whakapiki Wairua


Te Whakapiki Wairua is a social enterprise comprised of a commercial component to enable the project team to continue tending to their marae and rūnanga without leaving the pā, whilst also enabling them to expand the delivery of cultural wānanga for the benefit of whānau.   The commercial component will consist of a food cart that can take advantage of the tourism industry and a regular series of wananga.

Arai Te Uru Hauora Ltd

Manawa Hou (New Breath)


The initiative proposes to invest in a Specialist Navigator to work with whānau ‘stuck’ in the justice system: This initiative is born out of an identified gap in services and linkages for women, men and children and their whānau who have a partner or family member in prison or who has just been released from prison, in the greater Dunedin region – and who are in crisis and attempting to access a range of services.

Bros for Change


Through experience working with young adults Bros for Change seeks to maximize assistance for young people on the margins of society.  The programme encourages positive change through reflection, critical thinking, strong relationships, whānau interaction, culture, tikanga.  It offers a safe place to learn valuable lifeskills; adventure based learning/ conservation; sports training, mentoring; self-respect and self-management.

A3Kaitiaki Ltd

Project Kete


Project Kete is case management with an edge.   Project Kete is a professional development training for practitioners working with a Māori client base specialising in intervention for high end complex Māori offenders.   The key focus is on improving social outcomes for male offenders and their whānau.


Tuia te Tai Poutini


This initiative focuses on rangatahi leadership development.  Through a series of wānanga, rangatahi across Te Tai Poutini build a sense of self-worth and identity as young Māori, to be connected to whakapapa, whānau, and whenua.

Hale Compound Conditioning

Te Huarahi Oranga – The Pathway To Wellbeing


Te Huarahi Oranga is about increasing whānau access and engagement to initiatives which promote healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.  It aims to increase capability, engagement and support to whānau in their health and wellbeing journey.

He Toki Ki Te Mahi

He Toki Leadership Programme


This project recognizes the potential to expand the business portfolio to employ and support whānau Māori into higher level employment positions within the construction and infrastructure industry by ensuring quality pastoral care support.  

Te Tapuae o Rehua

Whenua Kura - Community Development


The Whenua Kura Community Development Initiative seeks to create a world first indigenous agriculturally focused community of care. The Whenua Kura Community Development Initiative proposes to create a farming community and practices grounded in Ngāi Tahu values. The ultimate outcome of this initiative is that this community nurtures an environment where whānau cohesion, employment and wellbeing can simultaneously occur.  

Kanohi ki te Kanohi Consultancy

Kia Korero Tahi Tatou – Hei Whakapiki Te Mauri


Hei Whakapiki Te Mauri is a project that recognizes the unique strength of disabled Maori and their whānau.     The project will explore what is important to Maori with disabilities and what possibilities there are for improvement.   The goal is for whānau with disabilities to learn from each other about what it is to be disabled and Maori.  There is also an intention to build understanding of their own whakapapa and reo by telling stories and having the resources to “fill in the gaps” and add to our basket of knowledge.    There is also the opportunity for knowledge to work collectively and as whānau to advocate for change when needed

Te Ora Hou Ōtautahi

Whānau Mauriora


Whānau Mauriora is a whānau centred initiative that will provide a higher level of support with whānau of rangatahi who are engaged in Te Kaupapa Whakaora, an alternative education programme.

Waka Whenua Limited

Waka Whenua


Waka Whenua prioritises belonging, identity, whakapapa and the absolute value of human life.  The Ipu Whenua provides a modern tool for whānau to continue that wisdom. The project includes the construction of fully biodegradable, leak proof, attractive and purposeful containers for whenua tapu (placenta). The product encourages creativity and personalisation for whānau to embrace and celebrate the birth of their new child.




The project is led by two healers, Tautau Lavinia Reihana-Moemate and Nana Puti Hanara who have sought to pursue, practice and educate whānau, hapu and iwi about the arts of te ao rongoa.  

Tipu Taitama Voyaging Trust

From Hawaiiki


The proposal is to facilitate wananga consisting of waka, taonga puoro and whakairo activities for whānau to participate.   Wananga will include mihi and pepeha traditions.   

Soul Full



Soul Full is a Healthy food choice concept that is driven by two young Maori mothers to provide a healthy, fresh, affordable option, making and selling healthy smoothie bowls from a transportable food cart.

Whakatu Te Korowai Manaakitanga Trust

Hei Whakatipuranga Whānau


The aim is to support whānau to achieve goals within four specific pillars; education/training, health and wellbeing, employment/job creation and housing/accommodation.

Te Awhina Marae o Motueka Society Incorporated

Mana Kaumatua


The project aims to provide kaumatua activities and support in partnership with whānau.   The intention is also to develop a sustainable plan for kaumatua services in the future.

Kaikaiawaro Charitable Trust

Whānau Land initiative


The development of the Ngāti Kuia twenty year Strategic Plan is built on the following four pou: Ngāti Kuiatanga, Te Tangata, Te Taiao and Te Putea. Part of this vision was always advocating and supporting Ngāti Kuia whānau to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. As part of this, the project seeks to assist whānau with understanding their whānau lands.

Waikawa Marae

Poutama Ahi Kaa- Facilitating positive change.


Poutama Ahi Kaa – Facilitating positive change, is an initiative that the whānau has identified as being a catalyst to address many of the issues they currently face. The project shall employ facilitators to work with their marae whānau in the areas of education, reo, whakapapa tangata, whakapapa whānau, tikanga, kaitiakitanga, and rangatiratanga.

Purakaunui Block Inc

Motoitoi - documentary


This project seeks to make a documentary of relevance to the descendants of Motoitoi, but with universal themes relevant to all Kai Tahu whānau, Maori, and the wider community.

Te Kohanga Reo Trust

Mahinga Kai


The aim of the programme is to make whānau more self-sufficient, and able to help themselves through acquiring skills and knowledge pertaining to mahinga kai.  In addition it is designed to lift whānau self-esteem by being able to contribute to community, iwi and hapu events through the koha of kai they have gathered through pig-hunting, diving for kaimoana, catching, preparing and smoking tuna, gathering shell fish and environmental care.

Te Roopu Tautoko ki te Tonga Inc

Whakaari Marae Theatre


Issues of violence and feelings of suicide are most often felt by those groups that do not tend to engage with services.  Through marae theatre, whānau will be given an opportunity to bring to light their experiences – they will co-design narrative, drama, waiata, haka and performance.  Whānau led dialogue, opportunities for tuition on writing haka and waiata, and a safe and supportive environment in which whānau begin to share and self-manager is central to this initiative.


*Due diligence is currently being undertaking on the entities listed above.

SUCCESSFUL ORa Applications

Commissioning Activities 2014 / 2015

1000 Days Trust


Invercargill based initiative to invest in the role of mothers, fathers and whānau to help babies thrive.  



Te Kāika provides for a collaboration of services focused around the needs of for Māori, Pacific, low income whānau and vulnerable communities. It is open to everyone and responsive to the wider Otago community.

A key part of this vision is to open within this village  a clinic called Mataora. Mataora is being developed into a new low cost health centre which aims to reduce financial and cultural barriers to accessing health services.

Koukourarata Wānanga Taiao


Whānau and whenua; the market garden is the catalyst for hapu led farming ventures, education and research opportunities. To bring whānau back.

Whenua Kura


iwi led consortium, leading a Whānau Ora change model on Ngāi Tahu farming ventures, education and research opportunities. To bring whānau back.

The Native Baker


"Every Whānau needs job security as the basis of wellbeing." - Restoring those out of recovery (alcohol, drug, anger management) to create forward pathway (He Waka Tapu Trust)

He Toki ki te Mahi


Iwi led initiative with Hawkins, CPIT, Te Tapuae o Rehua, Ngāi Tahu : sustainable apprenticeships.

Kākano CafÉ


Māori inspired food traditions, leading to long healthy lives, broader dietary options, a garden at home.



Building the capacity of whānau to support their children in te reo me ona tikanga - after school learning support (Te Kura Kaupapa o Whānau Tahi)



Tatau Pounamu ki Ōtautahi


Whānau accessing respite care and daycare services for kaumātua in the Ōtautahi region.

Tiramarama Mai


Keeping rangatahi at school (Blenheim) (Maata Waka Trust ki te Tauihu)

Ngā Muku 


Utilising Te Ataarangi to promote Te reo across Te Tau Ihu (Te Ataarangi ki te Tau Ihu ki te Waka a Maui)

Te Puna Oranga


A simple online tool to cope with adversity - trauma from abuse, natural disaster. Resilience training.

Reo Pēpi 


Two mothers taking initiative and producing beautiful children's books in te reo Māori for their babies, tamariki and for all whānau interested in contemporary learning resources. "The future development of te reo is with young parents who are willing to put in the time and commitment."

Te Kākano Maara Kai


Setting up maara kai at the marae and within whānau homes (Ōtākou) a marae market day (Tu Mai Ora Whānau Services; Kai Tahu ki Ōtākou)

Rāngatahi Tumeke


A self-sustaining approach to transfer traditional mahinga kai knowledge; build cultural pride (rangatahi camps; tourism)

Maara Oranga
Te hauora o ngāti rarua


Moving towards healthier eating habits and physical activity, through a Whānau Ora approach.

Ruka Tapa Tamati Trust


Hīkoi from Kawhia to Te Tauihu, with a toolkit showcasing whakapapa, tikanga, kawa, history.