Te Pāpori o Whakatere 

Te Papori o Whakatere is our capability development programme that aims to support Wave funded whānau entities to graduate as ‘change agents’ committed to a path of transformation. The programme is deliveredy by Tumaia - which is an entity born out of a shared vision for taking our passion for daring, growing and backing our own to the next level.  

Te Pāpori o Whakatere is a structured capability development programme that aims to enable Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu to support invested transformation initiatives and change agents. It is a journey programme that involves a series of wānanga finishing at the Te Pūtahitanga Symposium with a dinner on the night

Tumaia bring together inspiration, aspiration and skill developments, with a whānau feel.

Getting any kaupapa started and keeping it going involves lots of solving problems and working things out on the fly. This programme is like a series of short cuts in the company of good friends. The aim is to help you work out how your initiative/business can become financially sustainable, when and how to grow or shape your team, develop communications and marketing strategies and more. To do this, we bring experts and professionals straight to you for free; legal, financial, marketing and more. We also have sessions with entrepreneurs who will share their practical insights.

Feedback from our previous programme included;

“Most amazing kaupapa Māori initiative that I have been involved with”

“It was so inspiring and made me feel like we can do anything if we really want to make it happen”

“A life changing experience. Thank you”

“This is an awesome initiative and I have come away feeling inspired and hungry”

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