Time to be rejuvenated by the new life all around us

1st September.   Spring is here.   Springtime is lovetime.   Time to be rejuvenated by the new life all around us - the warming sun that touches the morning, the fluffy puffs of blossom,  flowers in every vivid shade of colour emerging from dense, dark beds wanting to nurture growth.

But instead of pansies and violets all swaying in the breeze, today we witnessed a strange sight at Christchurch gardens: a bed of shoes.

Over 600 pairs of shoes: each representing a New Zealander lost to suicide in 2016, are currently travelling across the country to arrive at parliament on 10 September, International Suicide Prevention Day.   And if there’s ever a cause that our politicians should be debating this issue it’s about setting a suicide reduction target to keep all our loved ones alive.

Nicole was one of the speakers who shared her story.   She lost her Mum at two years of age.   29 years later there isn’t a day when she doesn’t think of her mum, and long for her, long for answers to questions that may never be addressed.

In the words of the poet, Max Ehrman, “Be gentle with yourself.   You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.   In the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul”.


Listen to Lara’s Message

‘Live well, laugh often, love much’

Next week in Marlborough, the wonderful energy of Mike King will be brought to support and build on the resilience in the rangatahi of Marlborough:

  • Wednesday 6 September; 9-10am : Marlborough Boys College

  • Thursday 7 September; 9-10am : Marlborough Girls College

  • Thursday 7 September; 1.30pm : Queen Charlotte College

  • Friday 8 September; 11-12pm : Clubs of Marlborough

  • Friday 8 September; 1.30pm- 2.30pm : Clubs of Marlborough


Wairau is on Fire!

Navigators from Wairau held a  Wave Seven Whanau Hui this week, with an awesome turn out! We were able to reach a wide range of whanau and 17 application packs were handed out. Whānau heard from Te Putahitanga representatives and then participated in a workshop, which focussed on breaking down the application form and process so that it is more accessible to our whanau.

It was wonderful to see the Navigators working with our whānau, asking questions, clarifying what they needed to know.   Thank you to our Navigator team, our Whānau Enterprise Coach, Susan Piket, and contract advisor, Te Ra Morris.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 5.56.46 PM.png

Te Ataarangi ki Te Tau Ihu

The revitalisation of te reo Maori in Te Tauihu is going from strength to strength.   Wananga Reo have been held at Waikawa Marae, Ako Rumaki-a-Hapori classes for Nelson Central School, Wananga Reo Rumaki at Onetahua Marae in Pohara, and cultural training for Puna Reo Kōhungahunga.


We are looking forward to joining Nga Muka whānau in their celebration of Te Ataarangi Kainga Kōrereorero model in Motueka at Aniwaniwa at Parklands School on 23rd October (Labour Weekend).

Te Awhina.jpg

Kaikoura Earthquake

EQC and insurers are looking at updating the current FAQs on Kaikoura earthquake insurance claims. You can find the FAQs here on EQC website: https://www.eqc.govt.nz/Kaikoura-FAQs .

It’d be great to hear if you have in your dealings with homeowners come across any insurance related questions you think should be added to the current version.

Maanaki at the Māori Women’s Welfare League

Our stunning Omaka Marae ambassadors, the Manaaki aunties, took over the regional Te Waipounamu conference of the Māori Women’s Welfare League in Nelson last weekend.   Not only are their manaaki products simply sumptuous – the Models Inc are pretty dazzling as well!



Building Beehives

While we are cruising in the top of the South, there was an impressive hum at the NMIT campus in Richmond Nelson, building hives, with whānau working together.  

This has been a wonderful initiative championed by Ngati Kuia – Kaikaiawaro.   The whānau land initiative has continued to grow and flourish. Whānau have commenced training and building beehives at the newly established hub at Titi Raukawa.

Thirteen participants attended the training.   The launch at Titiraukawa was heaps of fun, including tamariki mokopuna.



From The Beehive to Poverty

With politics on everyone’s screens at the moment, there has been a lot of talk about how we can best eliminate poverty.

For three women in Nelson, Chanel Faapue, Lovenia Paul and Vera Manawaiti, they have taken this issue into their own hands.   They didn’t have to wait for an Election to know that love begins at home.

Angels Trio have been serving kai to whānau from their community.  Angels Trio are experienced in catering and will prepare and serve meals to vulnerable whānau. Angels Trio currently fund raise to provide meals and pre-pack school lunches free of charge to those who may struggle to provide healthy affordable and nutritious kai.

Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu is supporting Angels Trio by providing reimbursement of costs associated with the preparation of weekly pre-packed school lunches delivered to three local primary schools in the Nelson area and helping them to provide regular community Sunday lunch meals to vulnerable whānau.

Angels Trio provide a safe environment for whānau to experience te ao Māori values of manaaki and aroha ki te tangata. Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu has supported with designated Whānau Ora Navigator to ensure the on-going support and advocacy for whānau.

We are delighted to launch their digital story: https://vimeo.com/229675977

Finally, a word from our sponsor….

These rangatahi were thrilled to receive these hoodies from us at the FLAVA festival in Timaru.  They are proudly wearing their FFS gears – For Future Sake.

The campaign, branded ‘For Future’s Sake Vote - #FFS Vote’, uses social media and community engagement activities to raise awareness and encourage young people to enrol and vote.   The programme is targeting Māori aged 18-29.  At the last election, only 55 percent of Māori in this age group voted.

They have the lowest rate of participation in our elections, so more has to be done to get them to enrol and vote, and more done to help young people understand the value of their vote.

We have been working with William Waiirua, a social media influencer.  He is well known amongst our target audience, Māori 18-29 years old.  He has developed an innovative 3D product called Augmented Reality.  In order to experience the Augmented Reality, people require a card and smartphone.   Essentially, people download the app then point their phone at the card and then a 3D image of William Waiirua appears on their screen.  We are using this product to promote the #FFSVote messages because we believe this product will engage our target audience.  Let me know if you would like us to send you some cards!


Remember only 22 days to go!



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