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WHAT IS AN ORA Investment Application?

ORA is an acronym for the Opportunity to Realise your Aspirations. Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu wants to support whānau to realise their aspirations through this fund.

Initiatives must demonstrate a kaupapa Māori approach, e.g. whānau centred, use of te reo Māori, incorporation of mātauranga Māori, inclusion of te ao Māori values, collaboration with other Te Putahitanga initiatives.

Initiatives must be aligned with Seven Pou, designed  to achieve specific Whanau Ora outcomes. They must support whānau to be:

  • self-managing

  • living healthy lifestyles

  • participating fully in society

  • confidently participating in Te Ao Māori

  • economically secure

  • successfully involved in wealth creation,

  • cohesive, resilient and nurturing and responsible stewards of their living and natural environments.

If you need questions answered or help at any stage contact us on 0800 187 689 or email wavefunding@teputahitanga.org

Māu te ara, kia ora ai te whānau.

You define the pathway to enable your whānau to thrive...


The Taskforce on Whānau Centred Initiatives, led by Professor Sir Mason Durie, agreed to a number of factors which gave definition to Whānau Ora.  Whānau Ora is distinctive because

  • It recognises a collective entity,

  • Endorses a group capacity for self-determination,

  • Has an inter-generational dynamic,

  • Is built on a Maori cultural foundation,

  • Asserts a positive role for whānau within society and

  • Can be applied across a wide range of social and economic sectors

Whānau Ora recognises the strengths and abilities that exist within whānau and aims to support and develop opportunities that fulfil potential. Whānau Ora is defined by whānau; whānau self-determination is central to the approach.   By its very nature, Whānau Ora is collective in its scope and inter-generational in its impact.

Whanau Ora Taskforce Report


Contact us on 0800 187 689 or email wavefunding@teputahitanga.org