‘You don’t need to climb a mountain to know that it’s high’ (Paulo Coelho)

There is nothing quite as exhilirating to look out over the alpine ranges and see Papatūānuku stretching out beyond the horizon.   To see the gentle caress of the ridges leaning together; the snow-topped peaks accentuating both form and presence.   The mountains call us; inviting us to stop a while and admire the view.

When I fly, I always think that is one of the greatest opportunities for reflection and contemplation. To look out and wonder; to gain new perspective; to be loss in the vastness.

This week I had occasion to do just that.   Admittedly one moment I was gazing out beyond; the next moment I had arrived at my destination; but the journey gave me just enough time to enjoy the rest. As they say, almost everything will work again if you just unplug it for a minute and take time to recharge.

Tu Korowai: Growing Coaching Capability




“The support given all round has been phenomenal”


Coach training, support and resources is an important aspect of the way in which we seek to support those who support whānau.   This week a Coach training and development session was scheduled for 28 July as the first all Coach training and development session for this year.  Monthly check ins via Zooms have been initiated.

The focus for the training this week was four-fold:

•    Whakawhanaungatanga

•    Training in referral tools, capability pipeline

•    Update on policy, delivery, feed forward and go forward.

•    Knowledge exchange amongst coaches on coaching skills and technique

“I think having a Coach to help support and teach you without losing the essence of your whakaaro is simply humbling…. thank you for all your korowai of love and tautoko”


The most significant change that has occurred recently is that 1-1 Coach supports and 1 to many Coach supports were mobilised to support the Wave 15 applications.  Wave 15 was a closed round.  Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu received a remarkable number of applications to Wave 14 resulting in a strategic decision for Wave 15 to be a closed investment round, only open to applicants to Wave 14 who were declined or considered to be incomplete applications. The Board was so overwhelmed with the unprecedented response to Wave 14 that they wanted to do more to provide support to everyone who had made the effort to apply. There were significant time pressures as applications for Wave 15 closed on 25th June 2021 with the Tū Māia team having just three weeks to moblise and provide support.

“TP has some really incredible, supportive people.  They are a huge asset 

to the organisation and movement” Dante Fyfe; MOANA HOME OWNERSHIP

Hui Taumata Debrief: National Emergency Management Agency

This week our team in the resilience, response and recovery space attended a special debrief with the National Emergency Management Agency.   The focus of the hui was to ensure that Māori participation in the emergency management system is recognised, enabled and valued; that we are learning from our constant experiences with incident management as to the system capability that is required; and that we share together, best practice strategies.


Our team who attended the Hui Taumata debrief this week – Gina-Lee Duncan; Vanessa Hutchins, Kahutane Whaanga and Vanessa Whangapirita

Our team who attended the Hui Taumata debrief this week – Gina-Lee Duncan; Vanessa Hutchins, Kahutane Whaanga and Vanessa Whangapirita



Date: Tuesday 10th August 2021

Time: 4.00pm

Venue: Te Whanau O Hokonui Marae   (Zoom will be available)

Do you or your whanau, kohanga reo, marae or roopu have an idea that you want to develop or grow into an initiative or project? Hapaitia te whanau (Empowering whanau) might be for you.

Vanessa Whangapirita (Pou Whakataki for Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu) is running a series of wananga to korero with whanau about developing an idea into a project and when whanau are ready; preparing a funding application for that project.    We want whanau to be ready to apply by the time Te Pūtahitanga’s Wave 15 opens in January and March 2022.

The photo features a recent wananga with Vanessa and some of the whanau interested in learning more about Wave 15 and sharing their potential ideas.

New Zealand Business Number Māori business identifier launched 

Māori businesses can now identify themselves as a Māori business on the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) register. It is hoped this will lead to a better understanding of the role Māori businesses play in the New Zealand economy and encourage investment and collaboration with Māori businesses.

Find out more about the Māori Business Identifier

The Selwyn Awards 2021!

Birthright Canterbury Trust is one of the nominees for the  Diversity and Inclusion with Businesses Award. This award recognises the outstanding contribution businesses or social enterprises within the Selwyn district have made by adapting business models or practices to promote, recruit, retain, employ and/or train those that face additional barriers. These could include, but are not limited to; physical, cultural and those with dependents.

Birthright is so proud of the mahi from the local champions and the community facilitator, Lynette. It has only been over a year since they started the Hui Mātua in the District.  Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu has been proud to invest in Birthright, along with SKIP; Selwyn District Council and other partners and whānau in the community.   Birthright will be represented by Rhodora Sagles, Manager and Lynette MacDonald, Community Facilitator for Selwyn, for the awards night on Saturday 31st July at Lincoln Events Centre.

Hui Mātua have been held in Burnham, Leeston, Lincoln and Darfield and established Hui Mātua in Glentunnel. The Glentunnel hui is being facilitated in collaboration with the local school and is focused on kōrero te ao Māori and matauranga te tirititi.

“We adopted a whānau-centered change approach to gain insight and co-design solutions that built on existing resources to increase community integration. Our new Manaaki hub comprises a team of local champions and community facilitators and is underpinned by the core values of Manaakitanga, Kotahitanga and Whanaungatanga”.




Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu speaks in support of the Child Poverty Action Group 

Earlier this week, Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu welcomed a new report released by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and called for the Government to address its findings. The first year of COVID-19: Initial outcomes of our collective care for low-income children in Aotearoa New Zealand reveals that an additional 18,000 children were likely pushed into poverty in the 12 months following March 2020.These results are consistent with the observations of the Whānau Ora community.

Whānau Ora is committed to meeting short and long term whānau needs, and to both alleviating the effects of poverty and helping address the long-term causes of poverty.

Providing practical financial support so that whānau can take part in society the way that others can, is always a challenge. Grant applications are time consuming and sometimes an intensively demanding lottery for limited funds/places. Criteria for help is narrow meaning those in poverty continue to miss out. Whānau continue to face poverty and structural racism. There is also an ongoing desperate need for warm, comfortable and affordable housing for whānau.

Navigation data shows there has been a large increase in the number of whānau requiring

financial support to meet a one-off financial need this quarter, with There has been an increase in those needing help to put food on the table and navigators work with PUNA support to make sure whānau are warm and fed.

“Without my Navigator I’d still be in around family violence, broke, without much food to live on.” – Navigator whānau

“This helped us feed our whānau.” – Navigator whānau

Kohu Horse Trekking Adventures Limited


Kohu Horse Trekking Adventures Limited established a horse trekking business with the desire to grow awareness and knowledge of te ao Māori in Kaikōura, by sharing the stories of Ngāti Kuri and supporting the growth of te reo Māori.

Kohu Horse Trekking hired a fencer to improve the stock proof fence and improve the animal welfare of the horses. The horses are now in suitably safely fenced paddocks. This not only keeps them safer but also helps with the distribution of feed and the interpersonal relationships of the horses.

Kohu pride themselves on having a strong adherence to tikanga Māori and kawa thus

underpinning the relationships with whānau. They have also concentrated on providing retreats for survivors of family and sexual harm, which in their opinion is one of a very few programmes for adults who have suffered severe trauma. The adventure entity has been able to work with a total of forty whānau and have completed many days of activity.


Aotearoa – he tāngata kaha, he whenua manaaki 

Aotearoa – strong, diverse and inclusive

The government is seeking the views of Aotearoa on building a safer, more tolerant and inclusive Aotearoa.  We are specifically having hui with Māori, as tangata whenua to kōrero about the proposals to strengthen human rights and have Aotearoa as a safer, more inclusive and in particular what is required for Māori.   The hui includes kōrero on:

social cohesion (belonging, safety, fully participating and valued as tangata whenua)

  • what does that look, feel and sound like for you, whānau and Māori wherever we are in Aotearoa,

  • how it can be fostered, strengthened and supported

strengthening the Human Rights Act which aims to strengthen protections against speech that incites hatred and discrimination.

–  who or what needs to be included in these protections

Keeping whānau safe online – objectionable material online – what should be included in objectionable and therefore banned and illegal?

He mea nui te kōrero a ngā whānau, hapū, iwi me ngā Māori mō ēnei kaupapa.

If you are available to consider these proposals and share your views, please let us know so we can confirm catering and koha.    Email: Nicky Birch and Nick Maaka tepaati@gmail.com; 022 411 5580

The hui

The details for our hui, 5-7pm, Monday, 2 August 2021.

Level 1; DMC Building; 2 Dundas Street

Te Pūtahitanga o Te Waipounamu; Christchurch 8014

He koha

In acknowledgement and appreciation of your time and whakaaro, there is a $50 voucher each.

Kai Coach : Dumplings for Dinner

Stop-Press!   I just had to share this newsflash.   Our amazing Sachiko Shimamoto – founder and champion of Kai Connoisseurs – decided she would try something different this week – advertising to share her love of dumplings by promoting the concept of a Kai Coach.   Within twenty minutes of the pānui going up on Facebook she had 30 whānau signed up – so she decided to extend for another class.   Same thing happened – the waiting list was full in less than half an hour.   You go girl!

We have been so proud to invest in Sachi.  Her kaupapa is to provide high quality catering services focused on meeting the needs of her customers with health, well-being and manaakitanga at the forefront of what they do. They want to inspire and encourage growth within whanau, to support the development of the potential that exists with every whanau they engage with. And they want to address food poverty in our communities.

He kai kei aku ringa

There is food at the ends of my hands

One who is able to use their basic abilities and resources to create success

Kai Connoisseurs has three branches, of which two branches – Kai Catering and Kai Café are income generating. The success and viability of these two branches will enable the provision of support services within the third branch – Kai Community.

Across all aspects of operations there are employment opportunities.  With the health of the team in mind they have decided to set our opening day/hours as Monday- Friday 8am till 3pm. This decision was made keeping in mind that 80% of their team are Mama. With this in mind our daily sales target has increased.

In order to avoid any waste they have developed a plan to generate income from all products purchased, such as using vegetables for soup and fruit scraps in juice. This ensures that they are not only taking care of our environment but they are also capitalising and generating income from all costs associated with the purchase of goods.
















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