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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – Kylie-Jane Phillips

I also talked about it with my whānau, and I listened and heard about their experiences of getting the jab and why they chose to do it. And I came back with my decision. I’ve been vaccinated and I am proud of it.
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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – David Reedy

When the vaccine first came out, I wasn’t automatically sure that I was going to get it. Like everyone else, I was apprehensive about the speed of the development and roll out.
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Te Pātaka in Te Tau Ihu has been supporting whānau in need for over a year

In the months since the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, Te Pātaka received over 1650 referrals, it has supported 1423 whānau, which represents around 4,498 individuals and it now has 74 referral agencies.
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Manaaki mai, manaaki atu – Aunty Molly (Amoroa Luke)

There was never any doubt in my mind about getting the vaccine. Having managed the Ngāti Rārua health services for twenty years until my retirement last year, I know how important it is for us to frontfoot this for our Māori community.
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Whare Manaaki is a kaupapa Māori organisation operating on the West Coast supporting whānau and parents

Whare Manaaki has become a hub where whānau of all backgrounds can seek support raising their tamariki with a sense of ownership and validation of their own identity. “It’s a place for everybody - Māori and non-Māori," says creator Eli.
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Tikanga is at the heart of Tū Pono: Mana Tangata

Tū Pono: Mana Tangata is a kaupapa that operates through wānanga and programmes developed to provide advocacy and to raise awareness of domestic violence, suicide and sexual abuse. Wānanga
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Te Haumanu – a health and wellbeing wānanga

The Brennan whānau held Te Haumanu a health and wellbeing wānanga that focuses on providing whānau with advice and information, so they can make informed choices about their health.
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Te Hā Oranga o Tuahiwi

“Getting fit and staying healthy can take a lot of hard work so it’s great to see people in our group making that sort of personal commitment. That’s what it’s all about."
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Arawai – using the moana to reconnect participants to their whakapapa, environment, and community

Arawai is a programme based in Ōtepoti that uses the moana and diving to reconnect participants to their whakapapa, their environment, and their community.
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