There’s nothing more powerful than seeing the strength of our young people

This week has seen such dramatic scenes from Madrid as the Spanish Prime Minister appealed to his senate to create rule of law after the  Catalian Parliament votes for independence from Spain.  In New York 2800 documents have been released…

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Turning The Tide

It was a long and winding road to Otakou Marae that we travelled this Tuesday, to pay our respects at the passing of ‘A Team’ stalwart, Kuao Langsbury, ONZM.  Once we got there, the gloomy clouds burst, showering us with…

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Persist in the battle and journey for wellbeing.

Heke tipu oranga, he taonga tuku iho, ka pakanga ake, aue te āiotanga, te manawanui. Persist in the battle and journey for wellbeing.  It is a treasure handed down from the heavens, then comes confidence and peace.   It would…

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The leadership, the legacy and the learning that inspired us all

  THE LEADERSHIP, THE LEGACY AND THE LEARNING THAT INSPIRED US ALL Nā Helen Leahy There is nothing quite as tranquil as the slice of the hoe as it folds through the water.  It combines the gentle flow of the…

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Prosperity isn’t what you have, it’s what you do for the people around you

Bright and early Sunday morning, we pushed the clocks forward one hour and lost an hour’s sleep.   While our bodies adjust to the early wakeups, our hearts rejoice at the sight of the dazzling new dawn as it breaks into…

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I Vote for Aotearoa

There’s one night left until the big day…..that is Election Day – and of course the launch of new premises for Hale Compound Conditioning.   But first things first….only two things to remember. Enrol Vote   It’s not that hard….

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The springtime of our lives brings many opportunities

  I love this time of year.  The opening up of tulips, resplendent in their springtime colour, brings a splash of vitality into our world which reminds me of the time I was carrying our baby, waiting for her to…

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The only strawberry we will ever eat

“Each moment is just what it is.   It might be the only moment in our life; it might be the only strawberry we’ll ever eat.   We could get depressed about it or we could finally appreciate it and delight in…

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Time to be rejuvenated by the new life all around us

1st September.   Spring is here.   Springtime is lovetime.   Time to be rejuvenated by the new life all around us – the warming sun that touches the morning, the fluffy puffs of blossom,  flowers in every vivid shade of colour emerging…

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Leading by Example

Leading by Example.   That’s the statement of affirmation one of our banners displayed at the Ka Toi Maori o Aoraki, held in Timaru at the end of last week.   It was a fabulous metaphor, as it turned out, for the…

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