Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – Tā Mark Solomon

Getting vaccinated – and getting tested when you have symptoms – is a small price to pay for the wellness of your wider whānau
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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – Helen Leahy

I spend my life thinking of ways that I can provide my kids with the best future possible and enable them to walk forward with confidence.
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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – Kylie-Jane Phillips

I also talked about it with my whānau, and I listened and heard about their experiences of getting the jab and why they chose to do it. And I came back with my decision. I’ve been vaccinated and I am proud of it.
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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – David Reedy

When the vaccine first came out, I wasn’t automatically sure that I was going to get it. Like everyone else, I was apprehensive about the speed of the development and roll out.
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Manaaki Mai, Manaaki Atu – Aunty Molly (Amoroa Luke)

There was never any doubt in my mind about getting the vaccine. Having managed the Ngāti Rārua health services for twenty years until my retirement last year, I know how important it is for us to frontfoot this for our Māori community.
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